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Welcome to the Handmade Life blog, the blog and news stream for Handmade Life Coach, your online marketing training hub for makers and creatives. It’s Julie and Sylvia here, and we’re so glad you’re here!

We’ve been creators/makers and sellers (online and offline) of art and craft for over 30 years each. Coupled with the practical online design, marketing and sales experience developed over careers in web development, design and communications world, working in the business and non-profit world and small business owners like you, we realized that we had the passion and experience to really focus on sharing solutions to what traditionally hold handmade makers and creative back from developing profitable, online businesses.

We are passionate about finding ways to help more people share their creative soul with the world, and make good money while they do it. So, we are sharing everything we can to help you overcome the overwhelm and conquer the tech terror you feel as you take the steps to take your handmade and creative businesses online, grow your audience and make, not just sales, but profit.

We’ll share simple and practical tips and proven tools as solutions to what you need right now, and that help you build for the future, like:

  • building your own e-commerce site—so many platforms, so little time!
  • optimizing your shop for search engines (google will be your bestie!)
  • email and content marketing
  • social channel strategies to help you build your audience

We’ll also talk about some of the fundamentals of running a profitable handmade business:

  • setting up your business the right way- bookeeping, taxes and government compliance
  • pricing for profit
  • photography and item descriptions
  • the power of good copywriting- how to tell your story well
  • and so much more!

We’re also committed to only posting the tools and resources that we use ourselves so that you can trust that they are relevant and practical and that we can speak authentically to how you can be successful in using them.

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When you sign up, we’ll also send you the first in our Maker Boss Pricing for Profit series, “4 Easy Steps to Calculate the REAL COST of Your Handmade Product.” Knowing the real cost of your creative genius product is perhaps the most important step to your success at making a profit with your creative business.

So again, welcome—we’re thrilled you are here! And thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this Handmade Life conversation.


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We’re so glad you’re here! We’re makers and creative business owners with, between us, more than 20+ years of graphic design, branding, website development, digital sales & marketing, copywriting and PR experience.

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